What happens when you sell a product

Downloadables are an automatic service. Once sold, your customer will receive their digital file in their email immediately after the order has completed.

Depending on the download limit you have set on your product, they can download until the link expires. It’s best to allow for more than 1 as your customer may need to download a few times and to account for a customer misplaced files.

Your sale will come through via email – the order will be completed automatically.

For virtual non-instant products, you have a little extra to do per order. This will depend on your product or service.

Like downloadables, your sale will come through via email. You can find any orders under ‘dashboard’ and then ‘orders’.

Here you can hover your mouse over the order for details of the sale and any additional notes your buyer has left for you. For quick communication with your seller, just type a message in the ‘Order Notes’.

To complete these orders once you’ve emailed your buyer, just mark as ‘dispatched’.

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