Our CSV file uploader is a feature we included for vendors who already have products listed on other sites.

To import your file, your CSV file will need to be optimized to fit the template. Open in Excel to edit and change the columns to Title / Description / Image / Image / Image / Image / Image (Up to 5) Follow the video below for more information.

The uploader will add your products as separate product listings in draft format. For this to work correctly, there’s a few things you may need to do to your CSV file before importing.

  • Add less that 100 products to your CSV file – you can split your file into 2 or 3 if you have more than 100 to add.
  • Once the CSV has finished creating the listings, manually edit each product to finish finish the process.

Once uploaded, you will need to:

  • Add any download files if your product is instant
  • Tags, categories and pricing do not follow from your previous store, so they need to be added.
  • Edit description and take out any URLs linked out of Loadette.

Once these are added, you can choose to ‘Save Product’ and it will go live.

For more tutorials and tips head to our vendor’s guide