Adding a product can be done through a CSV file uploader if you already have products from another site, or through our easy product uploader.

The ‘Add Product’ option can be found in your dashboard.

  • Product name should be descriptive for the best search results. The product title allows for a maximum of 100 characters.
  • Include as many details to your product description as possible so customers know what they are buying.
  • Pop in a category in the first box which will set up the subcategories for the next box. If you can’t find a subcategory for your product, just stick to the first one or two.

  • You can include two colors per product
  • Tags are a great way to get searched, include as many variables as you can consider. Try to keep as close to the product as possible.
  • Gallery images are not necessary, but a featured image is. More images enable to customers to make an informed visual decision on your product.

Product type

  • When you tick “Downloadable” under product type, this creates an automated listing for instant products. It will also add a field below where you can upload the relevant file for download. When payment is received, the order will be marked as Complete and the files sent directly to the customer in an email. They can also access their files in the dashboard.
  • For customizable products and services, leave the downloadable field unticked. The sale will progress as normal, however no document will be added at this stage. You can customise the work and email it over to them as per your stated terms.

General/Linked Products/Attributes Tabs

General tab allows to you add your unique SKU here if you need to and set the price. All prices must be set in USD in the product form. These prices will be converted automatically to the local point of sale so the customer will see all the figures in their own currency.

If you have ticked the Downloadable button here is where you can add your files. At this time you can add 5 files at 20MB each. Just tap the ‘add file’ as many times as you need and choose the file from your computer.

Download Limit can be set to unlimited, however we recommend 3-5 is best. This accounts for your customer downloading a few times but still is sufficient to keep your download as safe from multiple sharing as possible.

The Linked products tab allows you to upsell. Up-sells appear on the right hand side of your product page – great for showing off popular or matching items in your shop. Just type in the product and enter to include it on the shop product.

Attributes are not required, but a great way to include information about your product. At the moment we include File Type, Occasions, Holidays and License.

In the future of Loadette, we aim to use these attributes to sort your products into further categories (such as file type, commercial/personal use.)

Save if you are ready to go live.

For more tutorials and tips head to our vendor’s guide